RPC was founded in January 1999 by Terry Frost. The dream he had then is still one shared by all whom are a part of RPC – to provide valued customers with a way of enhancing their property at a reasonable cost.

RPC has an employee family of sixteen experienced, customer-oriented people. Each individual at RPC knows that you only want the finest products and services to make your property look its best. We believe we deliver to you the quality you ask for, at a price you can afford, and also provide peace of mind when you see the finished product.

Rock Placing Company specializes in boulder retaining walls and natural steps. RPC has a fleet of eight rock trucks to handle almost any job; from a simple garden with a pond or fountain, to a large industrial style corner piece to set your facilities apart from the others. Each truck can transport up to twenty tons of material. Each is outfitted with a self-contained hydraulic lifting arm. These lifting arms can reach out eight feet to place a boulder up to ten tons, and out to twenty eight feet to place a boulder up to three tons. The best feature is that rocks can be exactly placed where you want them without damage to surrounding landscaping or sensitive areas, as occurs when front loaders are used.

Let RPC give you an alternative to the way things used to be done, with a way that they should be done. Allow us to make you a valued customer and supply you with the products and service a valued customer deserves.